High-Quality Connections (HQCs)

HQCs are ties or interactions between people marked by mutual regard, trust, and respectful engagement. We have hundreds of these interactions every day.

The research of Professor Jane Dutton from the Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship at the University of Michigan shows that there are organizational (enhanced cooperation and increased adaptability), departmental (more creativity and better learning), and individual benefits (broader thinking, job satisfaction, and improved physiological/psychological health) when people are engaged in HQCs.

Learning Objectives

Describe what high-quality connections are and why they are important

Identify the four pathways for building high-quality connections

Demonstrate effective listening using an exercise

Promote building high-quality communications by practice.

YOU Can Create Positive Change at Work! 

Recently published co-authored book.  The average person spends more waking hours at work than they do anywhere else. The workplace should be an environment where employees are valued and shown that they are a necessary part of the whole team, department, and organization. This presentation addresses four building blocks to help create and sustain a cohesive, productive work environment – Forging a Positive Workplace; The Upside of Change; A Strengths-Based Approach; and Engage in High-Quality Connections.

Discovering the Attributes of a Positive Climate

“The term positive climate refers to a work environment in which positive emotions predominate over negative emotions… conditions that foster positive emotions lead to optimal individual and organizational functioning.” This type of environment “enhance[s] decision making, productivity, creativity, social integration, and prosocial behaviors” (pp.25-26) [1]. Based on research by Worline and Dutton, Cameron, and Emmons, this presentation explores the three activities that promote a positive climate and how we can incorporate them into our daily work lives.

[1] Kim Cameron. 2012. Positive Leadership Strategies for Extraordinary Performance. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.​

High-Quality Connection Cards: The NEW Networking Tool

High-Quality Connections* are brief interactions between people that create a shared positive experience with individual, team, and organizational benefits. In this interactive presentation, you will use a sample of the newly released High-Quality Connection Cards to increase your capacity to experience life-giving connections that heighten learning, build resilience, and broaden thinking.

*Dutton, J. E. 2003. Energize Your Workplace: How to Create and Sustain High-Quality Connections at Work

Gratitude: A Game Changer for Mental Health

Gratitude can improve relationships, help us cope with everyday stress, and increase our ability to feel more loving and forgiving. What impact does this emotion have on our mental and physical health? Gratitude can improve relationships, help us cope with everyday stress, and increase our ability to feel more loving and forgiving. Research shows that this amazing virtue can also bring happiness, reduce anxiety and depression, and help us to sleep better. In this interactive presentation you will hear about what gratitude can do for you, including specific and detailed steps to incorporate more gratitude in your life