Creating Workplaces Where Employees Are Valued and Thrive!


Mary Ceccanese is the owner and principal consultant of Dynamic Connections LLC – a company that focuses on creating an engaged, energized workforce through positive business practices.

Celebrating more than fifteen years of professional experience working with all levels of staff in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, she provides...


Reflection Cards



High-Quality Connection Cards


YOU Can Create Positive Change at Work!


Research-based materials

Theory-to-practice applications

An all-purpose toolkit for work-life scenarios

Transformational presentations creating extraordinary work environments

In this fast-paced, social-media driven world, how do we connect with others in a meaningful, impacting way? My goal is to inspire people in ordinary workplaces to become people in extraordinary work environments through transformational presentations. These interactive presentations cultivate and enhance positive business practices with:


YOU Can Create Positive Change at Work!

In this book, we discuss the fact that the average person spends more waking hours at work than they do anywhere else. The workplace should be an environment where employees are valued and shown that they are a necessary part of the whole team, department, and organization. This presentation addresses four building blocks (FUSEs) to help create and sustain a cohesive, productive work environment – Forging a Positive Workplace; The Upside of Change; A Strengths-Based Approach; and Engage in High-Quality Connections.

High-Quality Connections (HQCs)

HQCs are ties or interactions between people marked by mutual regard, trust, and respectful engagement. We have hundreds of these interactions every day....

High-Quality Connection Cards: The NEW Networking Tool

High-Quality Connections* are brief interactions between people that create a shared positive experience with individual, team, and organizational benefits....

Gratitude: A Game Changer for Mental Health

Gratitude can improve relationships, help us cope with everyday stress, and increase our ability to feel more loving and forgiving....


Reflected Best-Self Exercise™

enables people to identify their unique strengths and talents, making it an excellent tool for personal development.

Task-Enabling™ Exercise

The Task-Enabling™ Exercise (TEE) is a reflective process that makes task-enabling, or helping, more visible, intentional, and impactful for you and others.

Job Crafting Exercise™

The Job Crafting Exercise™ helps you make your job more engaging and fulfilling.

The Reciprocity Ring by Give and Take

he Reciprocity Ring is a dynamic group exercise that applies the “pay-it-forward” principle to your team or --group while creating and cementing high-quality connections.


"With her enthusiasm, high energy and passion, my team was thoroughly engaged from the moment Mary started her presentation. Her presentation was full of meaningful, research-based data on the impact that gratitude has on our health and happiness. Furthermore, the group exercises further honed the instant impact that gratitude has when it is shared and/or received. We continue to recommend Mary and this presentation to other departments here at Henry Ford Health System and outside our organization."
Klementina Sula, Chief Development Officer, Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital
When Mary and I started out with the staff training sessions, the goal was to build a team and to create a mission statement. It accomplished that and so much more. Our staff got to know each other, how to work together, and how to break down barriers. All agreed that the sessions were worthwhile and wonderful. We are very proud of our mission statement and point to it often. Each and every staff member was able to see her or himself in the statement and is still able to work within its confines. Our team continues to grow closer all the time, the staff members are happy, and they enjoy coming to work. What more could any leader want?
Kathleen Bauer Chief Operating Officer, Duderstadt Center Senior Counselor to the Vice Provost for Academic Innovation University of Michigan
“By incorporating gratitude & happiness into my life daily, it will make me a better wife, mother, sister, aunt, and manager.”
Presentation Attendee
"If you become a positive leader, like Mary, will the quality of your life increase? Would you like it to? Would the quality of life for those around you increase? Would you like such an outcome? What is holding you back? The answer is fear. Mary is a manifestation of excellence. She chose purpose over fear and she became an example. If we examine Mary, we can hear, despite our noisy fear, the quiet call to make a positive difference."
Robert Quinn Professor Emeritus, Management and Organizations University of Michigan Ross School of Business
"Mary's presentation "Unleashing the Power of Gratitude" was nothing short of transformational for myself and the other women in my organization. Mary's energy and passion captivated the entire room. She offered easy-to-implement ideas and actions that we could begin using right away in our lives to reduce our stress, increase our happiness, and nurture our relationships. We've all heard at one time or another the benefits of cultivating more gratitude in our lives, but Mary's presentation communicated this in a way that truly reached us and hit home. I will never think of gratitude and the power that it holds in the same way."
Janelle Reichmann, Owner, Website Designer, Ellanyze
"I have been using a gratitude journal and practicing gratitude consistently for over a decade, I even have all my journals from those years. Kinda cool actually. I have found journaling to be the best way to ground me into it all. After listening to Mary talk about how to get the most out of your gratitude practice, I realized I could amp up my practice and get WAY more out of it! Her information gave me a sense of reality in my gratitude. It made it so much more "real" to me than ever before. Finding out the scientific benefits of a gratitude practice was amazing to know as well, I even printed up the sheet to have the benefits and ways to increase my gratitude in front of me whenever I needed it. Thank you, Mary, for sharing your wisdom and ramping up my practice to ramp up my life!"
Audrey Acton, podcast host of Women Are the Journey
"In a time of social, psychological and emotional strain, Mary Ceccanese provides insight on how to engage employees and help them develop positive work relationships. Mary’s workshops are exciting, thoughtful and fun. She has a natural talent to establish trust with her audience while sharing a strong message of creating positive work environments."
Mary Barry-Cybulski Ed.D., Senior Learning Specialist – Professional Development